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The Velotype keyboard is very suitable for all applications where text needs to be produced. But it is especially useful when doing this at a higher speed, with high accuracy and for longer period of time.

Live subtitling for television

Already since 1987 the Dutch television (NPO) subtitles live television shows with Velotype.
From 2005 until 2007 the commercial TV station subtitled nearly 100% of all their shows via the company Invision.

Since 2008 the company P2P Subtitling subtitles shows for SBS6, Veronica, Net 5 and TV Drenthe with Velotype. And since March of 2013 also for RTL4.

Deaf and hard of hearing organisations in the Netherlands joined forces in "Samenwerkingsverband Ondertitel Alle Programma's! (SOAP!)" to extend the subtitling in the Netherlands even more.


Outside of The Netherlands

Outside of the Netherlands subtitling with Velotype is mainly being done by SVT in Zweden and France 3 by the French company Système RISP.

Speech to text for deaf and hard of hearing people on location

For the last 20 years there has been a growing profession in the Netherlands, called the 'text interpreter'. The text interpreter converts speech to text for deaf and hard of hearing people in all possible situations. With a division in leisure, education and work settings. Payment for this service takes places in the Netherlands through UWV and Menzis.

The Nederlandse Schrijftolken Vereniging (Dutch Association of Textinterpreters) supports this group of professionals. On the website of Stichting RTG, you can see an overview of all registered text interpreters in the Netherlands. Tolknet is an agency who can support in getting deaf/hard of hearing people in touch with the text interpreters.

The official education to become a text interpreter takes place at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Speech to text at international congresses

The Velotype keyboard has already been used for many years in international settings. One of the organisations using this service already for many years is the European Disability Forum (EDF).


Links with additional information in Dutch:

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