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European project

“Velotype makes society more accessible for everyone”

This project is in the concept phase. The project didn't start yet. There are interested partners for this project.  EASPD and EFHOH have said they are interested in participating in developing this project.


For the past 25 years the Velotype keyboard has already served to improve the quality of life through communication of elderly, hard of hearing and deaf people. This has been realized by using the Velotype for simultaneous subtitling for television (also called Closed Captioning) and speech to text services on location and remotely for elderly, deaf and hard of hearing in any situation of life where support for communication is required. Such as in leisure, business meetings, educational settings and congresses.

The ambition of the project is to further improve the accessibility of persons with disabilities in the different European member states. This resulted in Velotype VOF and the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) to work together for the development of an ambitious project.

Project idea outline

The idea of the project is to create new perspectives of employment possibilities for all young and motivated people, with and without disabilities. By applying the service Velotype provides, elderly people and people with a hearing impairment can get better access to crucial streams of information, such as in educational settings, congresses, public events and television. This reduces the risk of social isolation and could improve their participation in society. It can contribute to a better self-esteem and a more efficient use of their abilities.

Project concept

We will organize workshops and training sessions for developing the specific skills needed for realtime speech to text services.
The workshops will be on location in the different member states. Together with local trainer/coaches and in the language that is locally applicable.
We will also support in finding and setting up the job locations.

This project is supported by: